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Life is beautiful every day, in every form come what may
Choosing to be the Infinite Beings that we all are is what is desired more and more today with the changing energies around the world.

 Kindness is an ingrained quality of all infinite beings that we are and moving ahead each moment to create greater in communion with Mother Earth is what we are desiring to strive each day. When we can get out of the yuck, stuck of our daily lives is when we can move ahead on the purpose that we all choose each moment, each day.

 Enjoy the wonders and magic of BEING YOU through the various modalities, classes sessions that I do to create greater, sustainable change in your living with Ease and Joy and Glory. Money, Health, Relationships, Parenting, Job or Business- whichever of these or all of these you are desiring to change to have more ease with yourself- we have the tools and techniques that help you become empowered. Come explore!!


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Tarot Reading

The Tarot is a pack of 78 playing cards that have been around since the mid-15th century

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Astrology, type of divination that involves the forecasting of earthly and human events through

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In Sanskrit, Vastu means to build environment and a surrounding and Shastra means a perfect

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Akashic Reading

Akashic Records are the Book of Life that has all the experiences of your soul’s journey through

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My Talks

Visit my You Tube channel for the latest Videos on Healing, Chakras, Meditation, Access Bars Consciousness. It all depends on the mood. I call it ‘My Talks’ but these are basically connection to your world, our world through the talks.


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