Day-13: De-tours

A day full of travel from Mumbai to back home. Life is a journey of a lot of roller-coasters.

One being reminiscing the presence of a lost loved one. You are always in the lower harmonics of thoughts, feelings and emotions when dealing with those and we as infinite beings always desire joy and happiness.

What my heart yearns for ?? I still don’t know but I keep moving on …. 5 months and continuous counting now or maybe not, just a continuous surge to benchmark for the better each day so as to release more vulnerabilities and move ahead with no judgements and a lot of Interesting POVs of self and others.

Keep putting my barriers down each day to enhance the choices of an Infinite being to expand more and more … expansion into what?? When?? Where?? no expectations only expanding into possibilities that life is showcasing now.

Highs and lows continue…… choosing continues and I expand into choosing from possibilities the Universe is sharing…..

About to land now ….. more tomorrow




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Day 12- How did we get so lucky? 🍀

Morning, actually evening – today was a jam-packed day and I am loving it – just checked into a hotel in Mumbai this afternoon and after a few appointments today just sat down for a good silent view outside my hotel room and my cup of coffee and my own company to enjoy. My daughter is enjoying her own company in the pool downstairs and we both are at a lot of ease today with our bodies and looking forward to a lazy day ahead today and tomorrow before moving back home.

And as I am choosing the ‘me’ time a dear friend and celebrity TV and film actor friend calls in to confirm that she will see me in an hour as she is running a little late with a few urgent errands she desires to complete before spending the whole evening extending into the wee hours of the night with me and I just call housekeeping to clear the lunch trolley to get the room cleaner and spacious before she walks in.

However, the friend comes in first and the housekeeping later and a young boy in his early 20s- name- Ruhman Khan (I took his consent before adding his name here) walks-in to clear the food trolley and while me and my friend are getting comfortable to do a Tarot Reading session this sweet little boy gets busy with clearing the trolley and we didn’t know what happened but while folding a layer of the trolley he breaks a glass and a small tomato 🍅 ketchup jar and runs into panic mode of fear and so many worries following that- I immediately get pulled into his energy as he is fearful- that it is his first week of job, hope he doesn’t loose his job because of this and that’s exactly when I just ask him to just leave whatever he is doing and I just pull all his energy of fear and pain from him into me out of me into Mother Earth and I just ask him to relax and tell him to talk to his supervisor and in case nothing works out just get it added to my Bill to which he with ease says, no ma’am you relaxed me – thank you – I will own up to my supervisor immediately and will come back and let you know what happened – I told him, You know what Beta- I am sure everything will settle down beautifully with ease and in 3 hours the sweet boy comes back in again and says Thank you again and says , Ma’am I am good- my supervisor said, Relax child it happens to all of us.

The little boy kept thanking me and I just said thank the Universe- for How did we all get so lucky ??

And my client friend was also amazed and said, yet another life shifts to kindness with Your mantra of Ease, Joy and Glory

I’d say thank you Universe, Gary , Dain , RD Sir, Kiran Ma’am, Chandana Ma’am and Isha and Grihita….

How did we get so lucky 🍀??

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