Day 1 – Fresh Start

Day-1 : Starting life afresh.. starting with a more expansive approach…starting without judgements of who, what, why, when, if, but, because, try are they really possible?? These were my questions to myself 4 months ago and today I stand here and choose expansiveness in everything that is …..the good, the bad, the ugly and embrace all. Why do I do this… coz the wheel will only turn up now. From staying put, to crawling, to walking a few steps-Left, right, centre, forward, backward and sometimes just staying in one place I am doing and choosing all with total Ease and Joy and Glory. I understand the meaning and expansiveness of Being an expansive being of choosing greater, better or even ugly and choosing and asking the Universe to contribute each time. These tools were available to me for the last 1 year yet I started choosing them and using them only till about 3 months ago and boy, has my world opened up more……it sure has, it beautifully has and it continues to bloom with fragrances-bigger and larger. My anger and fears melt each day and a new learning curve shapes a little each day, ‘STOP’- on each judgement, works each time and realizing that oh! My gosh really we all have so many judgements, only yesterday I said stop to myself around 60 odd times for being in judgement of a thing, a situation or a person. Really like really…..Thanks to these 2 amazing beings Gary Douglas and Dain Heer who are holding my hand each day to more expansiveness through their books, through their quotes, through their voices that echo long in my head- I am choosing to meet you soon in a Class….More soon in the blogs to follow.

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