Day-10: What is Pain and why it wouldn’t leave me?

What is Pain? And why it wouldn’t leave me ??

So since our Body Class yesterday I have been having acute backache since, yesterday afternoon, slept uneasily, woke up tired, rushed for the class, opened up a lot, cried crazily and finally today afternoon this pain has vanished.

Gary says, that back pain signifies, all secrets and a lot of hiding of stuff that we are doing for a lot of time and it shows up as back pain and I have hiding significant- mental abuse, emotional trauma that melted beautifully today and when shared and with Body processes run, all pain vanished and I feel so light and happy and choose…

All of Life comes to me with Ease and Joy and Glory…..

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Day-9: What do our bodies desire?

What do our bodies desire? Do we ever ask??

So I landed in Mumbai yesterday had a few client appointments and today onwards my daughter and myself are here for a 3-day Body class and boy is it amazing – so much melting today, so much learning and unlearning, so many wonderful bodies today showing up what expansiveness they all rather our bodies are choosing today is still a journey of immense exploration in the next 3 days.

The journey started with the melting of POVs and understanding our bodies for the first time and listening to the signals it s BDD if we choose to listen.

A lot of opening up…

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