Day-10: What is Pain and why it wouldn’t leave me?

What is Pain? And why it wouldn’t leave me ??

So since our Body Class yesterday I have been having acute backache since, yesterday afternoon, slept uneasily, woke up tired, rushed for the class, opened up a lot, cried crazily and finally today afternoon this pain has vanished.

Gary says, that back pain signifies, all secrets and a lot of hiding of stuff that we are doing for a lot of time and it shows up as back pain and I have hiding significant- mental abuse, emotional trauma that melted beautifully today and when shared and with Body processes run, all pain vanished and I feel so light and happy and choose…

All of Life comes to me with Ease and Joy and Glory…..

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Day-9: What do our bodies desire?

What do our bodies desire? Do we ever ask??

So I landed in Mumbai yesterday had a few client appointments and today onwards my daughter and myself are here for a 3-day Body class and boy is it amazing – so much melting today, so much learning and unlearning, so many wonderful bodies today showing up what expansiveness they all rather our bodies are choosing today is still a journey of immense exploration in the next 3 days.

The journey started with the melting of POVs and understanding our bodies for the first time and listening to the signals it s BDD if we choose to listen.

A lot of opening up…

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Day 8 – Thoughts Feelings and Emotions

A study reveals that a normal human brain has 60000 thoughts a day-Woow!! 
That was really heavy for me- Coz thoughts lead to feelings and feelings lead to 
emotions and emotions are from where we start operating 
Can we not just choose only receiving from the Universe- receiving all without 
Points of Views- only explore possibilities. 
The possibilities are immense, abundant and limitless…then why do we limit 
ourselves between this or that, here or there, right or wrong, good or bad, why 
not just accept the good, bad and ugly of everything and just ask the Universe 
to show us expansiveness in the desired areas of life. 
Why I say expansiveness in the desired areas of Life- coz if I ask abundance in 
all areas of life-then there will also be an abundance of sadness, an abundance of 
pain and so on and so forth coz these are also available in plenty in the 
Mental conditioning especially with relationships and money is such that the 
more we ask the more vicious and selfish we are??  
Aren’t relationships and money a very personal domain for each one? I can choose whoever I want as a partner the good, the bad, the ugly of course the repercussions that follow are also my business. When I am ready to face all then should I not have the freedom of choice?? See what energy explodes here-heavy or light-light -go ahead, heavy-stop right now. This choice is extremely important coz the Universe always guides-listening or not listening is 
a choice we make. 
The same goes for money- how much money is expansive in my world is my choosing-the blocks always come from thoughts of the mind, the feelings of past attached to money and the emotions of our love or hatred of how much is good enough?? Money is energy flow again but do we really let it flow?? We solidify it so much and in turn, our POVs hold us. 
Do the expansiveness exercise for money or relationship yourself and see what 
the magic begins to unfold in your world 
See you on the other side of Cloud 9 soon…. 
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Day 7 – What is my Energy today?

What is my Energy today? Low, high, unknown, known, joyful, of illness, of 
pain, of sadness, of happiness. 
Today I am having a roller coaster of what all these energies are for me and all of us at large. Do we really flow with the energies or only thoughts, feelings 
and emotions. 
Or are these only Interesting Points of Views (IPOVs) that just generate the 
energy or the molecules shift to thoughts, feelings and emotions and we start 
operating from there. 
One POV brings up the opening up of so many POVs and we again fall into the 
justice and judgement of everything and stop flowing with the energy that 
exists and that which was going to expand we diminish to a hard block and we 
start building blockages and barriers instead of free-flowing energy. 
Today can we just do soul searching of what we want to choose the freedom of 
choice in everything or we still want to operate from our barriers-barriers of 
thoughts, feelings and emotions?? 
Food for thought again….. 
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