Day 7 – What is my Energy today?

What is my Energy today? Low, high, unknown, known, joyful, of illness, of 
pain, of sadness, of happiness. 
Today I am having a roller coaster of what all these energies are for me and all of us at large. Do we really flow with the energies or only thoughts, feelings 
and emotions. 
Or are these only Interesting Points of Views (IPOVs) that just generate the 
energy or the molecules shift to thoughts, feelings and emotions and we start 
operating from there. 
One POV brings up the opening up of so many POVs and we again fall into the 
justice and judgement of everything and stop flowing with the energy that 
exists and that which was going to expand we diminish to a hard block and we 
start building blockages and barriers instead of free-flowing energy. 
Today can we just do soul searching of what we want to choose the freedom of 
choice in everything or we still want to operate from our barriers-barriers of 
thoughts, feelings and emotions?? 
Food for thought again….. 
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